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Red Sister Wychery~ The Witchingveil

The Victorian Goth Vamp~ Hag Poppet Spirit Doll


Image of The Victorian Goth Vamp~ Hag Poppet Spirit Doll
  • Image of The Victorian Goth Vamp~ Hag Poppet Spirit Doll
  • Image of The Victorian Goth Vamp~ Hag Poppet Spirit Doll
  • Image of The Victorian Goth Vamp~ Hag Poppet Spirit Doll

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She comes from deep in the woods, from a place that is surrounded by the oaken moss and faerie ringed mushrooms ~ She comes upon the breeze of the Full Moon to protect those in need of her, she is the Hag... The keeper of women, children and the victims of hate, harm and oppression. She will bring swift justice for those who call her name at the stroke of midnight, she will come and she will prevail! The Hag binds the power of harm that is cast over her kin, she conjures her brilliant otherworldly power upon the offenders to neutralize the harm...

'Victorian Goth Vamp' Poppet is conjured for self potency in Magical undertakings and in personal power, which includes attraction and love. She is a protector of the magical kind and when invoked can aid you in sending your spells into the Universe with power and efficiency. She wears a robe of a deep burgundy red trimmed with black lace, a lace veil drapes around her snow white face. Adorning her veil is silver toned pentacle for protection power and Magical assistance.

This one of a kind Poppet was a bewitching vision in my mind and now her and her sisters have come into this life to bring you protection, bind harms and keep you in safe company!

I have created and crafted these hags from bits and baubles, magic and mindfulness. I have imbued a bit of my own protective magic into the spirits of these dark ladies. Each one is as unique as you are, one of a kind and powerful. A wonderful talisman/amulet for protective workings, ritual, healings and Wychery~

The inside of the robe is anointed with oils to scent the Hag and her sacred space as her magic is released for you. A call to your ancestors from beyond the grave to assist in the Hags punishment of your enemies & foes! There is a mixture of sea salt, resins, herbs, roots and oils tucked inside the center of the poppet to imbue her with the elemental energies which will assist in your spell crafting.

Each Hag comes with a folklore card that is numbered and signed by myself to show authenticity. Each poppet will be different in colors, themes, scents, size (slightly), facial expressions, adornments, no two however similar, will be identical. Custom orders are available upon request.

Hag is approx.8-9 inches long from top of head to bottom of robe.

NOTICE~ I'm trying to be as "Green" as possible and not have excess paper waste ~ So if you'd like a Hag Care Card sent please notify me otherwise here is the instructions ~

Your Hag comes to you because of your need of her specific Magic. She will keep you company for many many years if your bond is created and strengthened each day you share together. First thing is to establish the connection , finding out her name. Hold your hag and focus on her purpose in your life. She will reveal her name in time don't rush it. After her name has been revealed you can ask her assistance by calling out to her buy Her Sacred name at the time specified in the listing where you purchased her. You may then leave a token or offering at a special altar or site that is dedicated to your hag. Each hag is unique and all have their own personalities, you will sense what she needs and wants the more you interact with her. She loves the Dark of the Moon to regenerate but allow your bond to play with all moon phases to best suit the two of you. Offerings can be food, crystals , light a candle , anoint with oils , a lock of hair or even a song sung to her. Remember that it is your interaction that strengthens your magics. Your hag will be a guardian through many trials and happy day so please treat her with respect and sovereignty. Keep her from getting wet, away from pets , children and flames.

May magic be with you from the Wayside Witch🌙~